Culturally speaking…..

The Traveling Social Worker


I have learned that leisurely traveling & vacationing is much different than living and working abroad. Leaving your comfort zone, family, and relationships that have sustained you can be a bit lonely. Some benefits that I appreciate are how living abroad forces me to self-reflect, face my weaknesses, and acknowledge my own prejudices. It seems inherent in human behavior to generalize people into categories discounting their own identity and individuality. If the media had its way then all Muslims are terrorists, Black people are thugs & entitled, the Asian population have astronomical IQs, and the majority is racist and dedicated to the agenda of “keeping a sista down.” I cannot proclaim the importance of challenging age-old lies that are systematically penetrated into our psyche. I have learned, more so than I knew before, that people are individuals and appreciating differences is important, but necessary to growing. On the converse, living…

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